On the first day of Levi’s chemotherapy, the nurse came into the room wearing what looked like a Hazmat suit. The chemo that was saving my 18-month-old son’s life was so toxic, she had to protect herself. Nothing prepares you for that. I had to wear gloves to change his diaper. He was just a baby.

Levi spent 1,200 days on repeated rounds of chemotherapy and medical procedures for high-risk leukemia. When he finally finished treatment in 2010, he was 4 years old. He had spent more of his life on chemo, than he had off. The same medicines that had saved our child’s life, would change his life, and ours, forever.

Childhood cancer truly is a battle. When the treatments are over, you dust yourself off and assess the damage. And there is so much damage. 75% of childhood cancer survivors have at least one chronic medical condition. Testing has revealed deficits in the region of Levi’s brain that regulates reasoning, problem-solving, planning and execution. As a result, he struggles at school. Levi’s psychiatrists also believe he is suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), related to the invasive cancer treatments he received. But, thanks to you, Kids Cancer Care is giving Levi hope for a better future.

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